Friday, January 6, 2012

Been Awhile

It's been a while (too long) since I last posted here. Unfortunately I am still looking for my Cuckoldress. 

I hope that those that find this blog are entertained, and I believe they are based on comments and email I receive. But I also hope you all remember that my main purpose for creating this site is to fine the perfect lady for me. I guess all good things will be granted in time.

If anyone has any questions about me, suggestions regarding how I can either improve this blog, or ideas for future postings, please let me know.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hmmmm. Are you serious?

Recently I received an email from someone I'd never before communicated with, someone purporting to be a woman, asking to see a facial picture of me and asking if I was ready to be marked as her property.

While it is nice to get the attention and to know that my efforts to get the word out of my desires is effective, I must remind all that I am serious regarding being sane and relatively discreet. I think my reply to her says it best:

"At some point I will be happy to send a facial picture. However, the time is not yet right. Discretion is of paramount importance to me. And I know nothing about you yet.
The same applies to marking. While I am not opposed to the possibility eventually, a deep level of trust and commitment will need to develop between us first. So at this point I must say that I am not ready.
Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for?" 

Perhaps this "woman" is a real person and just desires to remain secretive and mysterious. But it is hard to form a relationship when they impart absolutely zero information about themselves. Please, when contacting me, tell me at least a little about yourself and what you are seeking. That way I will know you are serious and treat you as such.

And I hope all you cuckoldresses out there are getting your fill. Good day.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

True Story - Toy Play

Several years ago I was involved in the BDSM scene serving a lifestyle and pro Domme. While she did professional work I was her personal sub. As such she kept me locked in chastity, had me helping with various chores, teased and humiliated me regularly regarding my small size (which I enjoyed), and engaged in BDSM play (which I accepted). Often when playing with others she would get me involved, sometimes actively engaged, other times handing her toys and cleaning up. One instance in particular stands out.

I arrived at Mistress's place late in the afternoon as directed. Upon arriving she told me of our plans for the evening. A couple that I hadn't met, a dominant man and submissive female, would be coming over to play. And I would be participating in pleasuring her. But I would be limited to using my oral skills and toys because, as she reminded me, my penis was too small to bring pleasure. To make matters tougher for me my chastity device was to be removed for the evening, allowing my little penis to get hard for display purposes. After being locked up without release for nearly three weeks getting hard would not be a problem.

It was early evening when they arrived. He was quite a bit taller than me and in pretty good physical shape. She was a stunning, olive-skinned, Latina named Eva about the same height as me. As instructed I was naked and standing silently out of the way awaiting instructions. Eva was blindfolded and I was told to undress her. She stood there as I removed her clothing, my hands shaking somewhat and my little penis throbbing.

I then moved back out of the way again as Eva was bent over a table and her hands and feet secured. i watched for the next half hour or so as my Mistress and her Dom used various paddles, floggers, whips, etc. on her beautiful body, which she seemed to enjoy. 

It was then that I was instructed to come over and lick her ass hole. I knelt behind her and dug in with my willing tongue. She squirmed and moaned as I spread her ass cheeks and licked and probed her ass with my tongue. And I was in heaven being allowed to pleasure such a beautiful lady. When she was thoroughly aroused (as I was) I was told to stop. Mistress and her Dom again resumed their play, abusing her beautiful body.

Another 15 or 20 minutes later I was put back to work. This time I was told to lick her extremely wet pussy and clit and to make her cum. Again I knelt and began lapping away. While I did so I noticed that her Dom had pulled out his big cock (much bigger then mine) and was fucking her mouth. I licked and sucked eagerly savoring her juices. It took no more than a few minutes before she was bucking and straining at her bonds as she came all over my face. I was again told to get up and stand out of the way.

Mistress pointed at a strap-on harness and told me to put it on while they again worked over Eva. The harness was fitted with a large dildo, probably twice my length and well over twice as thick as me. It also had a hole cut into it for my little erect penis to poke through pointed downward at an angle to be out of the way, yet allowing for a ready comparison between my little penis and the big dildo. Both Mistress and the Dom delighted in laughing at me in the contraption, noting that for the first time in my life I was equipped to bring a woman pleasure.

I was then told to come over and fuck Eva. Mistress stood by my side providing instructions. She pointed out that when fucking with a big thick cock I needed to start slowly, not just shove it in. As the big dildo entered Eva Mistress also pointed out to me how easily she accepted it, asking me if I thought she would even feel my skinny little penis. Of course I admitted that she wouldn't.

Slowly, with my hands on her hips, I fed Eva more and more of the big toy, gently stroking and going a bit deeper with each stroke. Soon the entire nine or ten inches was buried. As Mistress instructed I began fucking her with long, slow strokes as she moaned in pleasure. Her Dom was also again feeding her his large cock, nearly the size of the dildo I was using. At Mistress's guidance I gradually picked up the pace and was soon fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Eva was dripping fluids and thrusting back as best she could given her bound state. And my rock hard little penis was bouncing around in the air, throbbing and begging for release.

The entire time Mistress was whispering in my ear, noting that my little penis could never fuck like I was now, reminding me why she kept it locked away. The scene was so erotic, and I was so horny, that I was on the edge of cumming myself without any direct stimulation.

I mentioned to Mistress that I was near cumming myself. She laughed and told me that since I'd been so good, that if I could cum without touching myself it was ok, but I was not to cum until Eva did. I quickened my strokes and moved into various angels, desperate to make Eva cum on my strap-on cock. 

Finally Eva started bucking and shrieking around the big cock in her mouth, as she came hard. And with that I too squirted a huge load, nearly three weeks worth, all over the place.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Pages

Hello All,
I know I haven't posted recently. But I am glad to report that it is for a good reason. No not the reason you think - I haven't yet found that wonderful Cuckoldress I so fervently seek.
But I am pleased to report that after a miserable spring so far, the weather has finally broken here in the Mid-Atlantic region. And with the nice weather I've been very busy enjoying it, leaving me less time to spend inside in front of my computer. But even though I may be away from my computer I am not out of touch. I can send and receive emails and am usually available on YIM at smallpeniscuckwannabe
I have recently added a few new pages though. The include pages describing my ideal Cuckoldress and my suggested Rules for cuckolding. These two pages are rehashes of earlier posts that I did not want to see get buried. After all, the reason for this blog in the first place is to help my in my search.
For entertainment I've also added a new page containing some of my favorite cuckolding themed cartoons that I've collected. If you have others you like and wish to share please send them to me.
Anyway, I hope you all are also enjoying beautiful weather. And please remember those who've lost their lives and belongings in the recent spate of bad weather just a bit south of here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

True Story – A Missed Opportunity Perhaps

Several years ago I was dating an attractive lady we will call Judy. Judy and I dated for a month or so before she ended up in my bed. As with most partners sex was not particularly satisfying, as my lack of size meant I had difficulty cumming while fucking, often stopping before cumming due to frustration and exhaustion. Judy would give me the occasional blowjob, and I always made sure she came using my oral skills.
                Anyhow we had a lot of interests in common, and a lot of common goals, so things went pretty well for a while. And we made each other laugh. I thought this might be the right woman for me.
                Then one late spring day I went over to her house and she was working in her yard. Being the type of guy I was I started helping. Our plans for the day got put aside and we worked together to get her yard looking beautiful. Eventually she went in and took a shower and started cooking dinner. (Unlike most of the women I dated she was actually a pretty good cook.) I continued working outside.
                After a bit she suggested I come in and take a shower, giving her my dirty and sweat soaked clothes so she could wash them. I took a shower, dried off, and lay on her bed naked watching TV and waiting for my clothes to be returned. The door was closed in case her son came home early. The air conditioning was on inside and above her bed the ceiling fan was causing me to be pretty cool after having been out in the heat for a number of hours.
                I didn’t really think about it at the time, but the coolness and my being tired from the hard work caused my little penis to shrink and my balls to retract a bit. I laid there on my back with just a little nub pointing skyward, probably less than an inch at the time. Eventually Judy walked in the room with my clothes. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on her face when she saw me and my tiny, flaccid penis. It occurred to me that she’d never seen me soft, and certainly not when shrunken due to the cool air and my tiredness. The look of disappointment, almost shock, is seared into my brain.
                At that moment our relationship changed. She seemed to cool on things, and in a few weeks she’d broken up with me. Obviously she was dissatisfied with my size.
                As I look back I see a possible missed opportunity. Had Judy told me that she really liked me, but needed a bigger cock for sex I would have suggested to her that we continue to see each other but that she also find a man with a bigger cock to satisfy her sexually. And at the time I didn’t think to bring the subject up myself. Whether or not she would have accepted had I offered I’ll never know.
                But, if such a situation arises again I will not miss the opportunity.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joke Time

I insist on enjoying life and getting a good laugh now and then. I hope you all feel the same way, liking a good joke now and then. I'll probably burn in Hell for this one. But then, I was probably heading there anyway. 

Four nuns are standing in line for confession. The first nun enters and says, "Forgive me Father for I have sinned."

"Yes my child. What do you have to confess?" the priest asked.

To which the nun replied, "I looked at a man's penis and felt a twinge of lust in my mind and heart."

The Priest, somewhat shocked, replied, "Ok. Say 10 Hail Mary's and rinse your eyes with the holy water and you shall be absolved of your sins." The young nun left the confessional relating the results to the 3 waiting nuns. 

The second nun entered. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned."

"Yes my child. What have you to confess?" the priest asked.

To which she replied, "I touched a man's penis and felt lustful as it stiffened to erection."

The Priest, a little more shocked, replied, "Ok. Say 20 Hail Mary's and wash your hands thoroughly with the holy water and you shall be absolved of your sins." 

As the second nun scurried out of the confessional the two remaining nuns asked her how she made out. She replied, "Not bad at all. 20 Hail Mary's and washing my hands in the holy water."

Upon hearing that the fourth nun in line said to the third nun, "Excuse me Sis. But do you mind if I go to confession in front of you?"

"Why?" the third nun asked.

"Because I want to gargle before you sit in the holy water."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snugger Fit – A True Story and Pictorial

A selection - Small, Standard, Magnum

Shortly after my second divorce I met Jolene. After a couple of dates she ended up in my bed. I can be rather charming. As she lay there naked and ready, after I performed my oral magic, she asked me if I had any protection. I had no condoms, as I’d never liked using them, and didn’t need them while married.

Magnum is baggy
She got one out of her purse, opened it, and rolled it onto me. It was, unfortunately, a bit loose, and she seemed to chuckle a bit. But I was so hot and bothered that I ignored her chuckling and quickly mounted her.

Standard is also loose
However, it was impossible to fuck with the condom on. It was just too loose and kept slipping. It must have been sized to fit her previous lover. I was worried it would come off inside her. Several times I had to pull out to fix the damned thing, before finally quitting. She smiled sweetly saying it was ok and gave me a handjob. I never saw her again after that experience, as she did not return my phone calls.

Snugger Fit is perfect
It wasn’t until sometime later that I discovered Snugger Fit condoms. They are small, sized for thin, little guys like me. I bought a supply to keep in my bedside nightstand. I just don’t get to use them very often, since few women want a penis in them that can fit into a Snugger Fit condom.

As a bit of an aside it always fascinates me when I see a man with a condom rolled down it's full length and see several inches of unsheathed cock. The typical condom is 7-8 inches long, so that is a good indication of how long the cock really is. Of course even with the Snugger Fits I never unroll completely.