I know that when I find my Cuckoldress she may not have the same fantasies. 

And I will certainly conform to her needs and desires. But I can fantasize. Can't I?

I'd love to have to compare my little wee wee
with a pleasing cock

My fantasies revolve around being humiliated by my cuckoldress and her bull, particularly in front of others. And why should I not get fucked for her amusement on occasion since I cannot give a proper fuck and to remind me of my place?
And I do not get laid

I will try not to kick up a fuss

And it won't be me.
But I am ok with that.

Is this hot or what?

How humiliating - to be fucked
until I cum in front of a group of women

Another fucking

I already know I am small. 

So generous of her

Anything to amuse her and her friends

With such a small penis I will
have to use my ass to please

You should see me in
stockings and heels

I love being humiliated in front of others

That would be me on the right

Always willing to help
with cleanup duty

I love nothing more than licking pussy

So true!!!

I love these pictures
Please sit on my face

I love this shot

And I love licking pussy. Can I clean you up and get your ready for your big dicked lovers?

Please show me off!
More humiliation in front of her friends.
How delicious

Yes Ma'am. I will learn to suck if it pleases you.
Make me your cleanup boy