Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuckold Rules - My Ideas

I believe that for any cuckolding relationship to succeed there need to be some ground rules to make sure there are no misunderstandings. So here are my suggestions. Of course they are all open to negotiation and new ones may be added if someone is interested in becoming my Cuckoldress.

This agreement is between a Female (herein referred to as Cuckoldress) and a male (herein referred to as cuckold).
1.  A typical relationship will be maintained in the eyes of outsiders, by both the cuckold and Cuckoldress. The relationship shall be based on openness, trust and respect of each other, sharing of interests and values, and sharing of household responsibilities.
2. Cuckoldress may have sexual relations with any and all partners of her choosing, with or without the presence of the cuckold. All such sexual activities shall be performed discretely to ensure no damage is done to either party's career, social relationships, and family relationships. Safe sex (condoms or birth control and regular documented medical testing) shall be employed at all times. 
3.  The cuckold shall remain completely faithful to the Cuckoldress, with no attempts to initiate sexual activities with others.
4.  The cuckold shall enthusiastically provide sexual services, oral and otherwise, to the Cuckoldress at any time and any method of her choosing. The cuckold shall never resist sexual advances of the Cuckoldress.
5.  The cuckold shall normally be allowed sexual release once a week. The Cuckoldress may allow extra releases if she desires, and may withhold releases as punishment should the cuckold not live up to this agreement. All releases shall be in a manner determined by the Cuckoldress. Sexual releases may be controlled through the use of a chastity device if desired by the Cuckoldress.
6. The cuckold shall, if the Cuckoldress wishes, dress in a manner deemed appropriate to his state, as long as the necessary discretion is maintained. This may include nudity or articles of clothing generally considered female attire. The cuckold shall keep his penis and ball shaved clean.
7.  As directed by the Cuckoldress, the cuckold shall provide sexual services for others, to include females and males.
8.  The cuckold shall develop a taste for cum, enthusiastically cleaning up all cum with his mouth, his and others, wherever deposited, as directed by the Cuckoldress. The cuckold shall thank the Cuckoldress and any sexual partners involved afterward.
9.  The cuckold shall be gracious and friendly with sexual partners of the Cuckoldress, making them feel comfortable so they can perform optimally.
10. The Cuckoldress and other persons of her choosing may elect to ridicule and humiliate the cuckold due to his status, inadequacies, and attire. This may occur in private as well as public settings as long as the required discretion is maintained. The cuckold shall accept such treatment graciously.
11. The cuckold shall assist the Cuckoldress in finding suitable sexual partners if she desires.
12. For safety reasons the Cuckoldress shall always let the cuckold know of her activities and whereabouts when engaging in such activites.
13. The cuckold shall assist the Cuckoldress as desired when preparing for dates, and shall comply with reasonable (not interfering with prior commitments) transportation requests.
14. The presence of other persons, excepting family, coworkers and "vanilla" social acquaintances, does not change any of the other rules.
15. Both the Cuckoldress and cuckold agree that her sexual activities shall be just sex. Emotional bonds with sex partners shall be avoided. Should the Cuckoldress feel herself becoming emotionally attached to any of her sexual partners she shall take the necessary steps to avoid damage to the Cuckoldress.cuckold relationship. Should the cuckold feel uneasy regarding any of the Cuckoldresses outside relationships he shall be honest and open with the Cuckoldress regarding his feelings. However, all determinations regarding maintenance of such relationships shall be made by the Cuckoldress. 
Should the cuckold fail to perform to this agreement willingly and to the satisfaction of the Cuckoldress punishment may be administered as deemed fit. Punishment may consist of orgasm denial extensions for a period deemed fit by the Cuckoldress, enforced by the application of a chastity device. Punishment may also consist of corporal punishment including, but limited to: spankings, whippings, slapping, blows to the testicles, etc. as long as no visible marks are left or permanent damage done. During administration of such corporal punishment safe words shall be used.
This agreement shall remain in effect until either renegotiated of the end of the relationship.

These are my ideas. I'd love to hear others ideas, particularly those of potential Cuckoldresses for me.

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